OSI Group Extends Its Global Presence

OSI Group has been on the move to expand its territories especially on a global scale. Sheldon Lavin has been at the forefront in this new push by the food processing industry. The firm has made numerous acquisitions and established new plants in the last couple of years to this effect. Let’s take a look at some of these deals.


The chicken products are going to double thanks to the new plant that OSI Group has set up in Toledo. They expect to produce 24000 tons every single year. The plant has embraced technology that is sure to reduce energy consumption while improving general productivity. It will also create job opportunities for a number of residents. Operations like refrigeration and testing of products have also been improved in the new plant.


In 2017, the OSI Group made the 200,000 square feet Tyson food plant their own. The move spells great days ahead for clients from North America. Just like the expansion in Spain, the new addition was dedicated towards improving poultry products whose popularity was on the rise.

Netherlands and Germany

The OSI Group launched into this market with the acquisition of Baho Food. Other than increasing its customer reach, the acquisition allowed the company to offer more diverse products to its clients. Baho executives, who will keep their positions, expressed great delight in the new developments. They believed that this move will see them conquer the whole of Europe.

The UK

In the UK, Flagship Europe was added to the ranks of the food processor. This was done to further improve the steps that the firm had taken in conquering Europe. Food service businesses will receive sauces, pies and dressings among other products. A few months after the acquisition, Flagship Europe was rebranded and given the name Creative Foods Europe. These are just some of the many steps that the OSI Group has taken in bettering their global presence. Boasting of a history that spans more than 100 years, the firm has shown no signs of slowing down. In any case, better things are still in the pipeline. Having begun as a butcher shop, it took the food processing industry by storm and has not looked back. Only time will tell how far the Illinois based firm can go.

The RealReal Offers Trends on Instagram

When The RealReal posts to their Instagram account, they know they’re catering to their fans. It allows them the chance to show them what they want to do. It also makes things easier for them to enjoy different things that they can do with their customers. For years, people did not like the concept of thrift shopping, but the economy has changed that for those who want to look good while also saving money. Things cost less with thrift stores like The RealReal and that makes it easier for people to try different things when it comes to fashion and accessories.

Since The RealReal started, they’ve been posting information about the options they have and the things they can use that will help them see the positive options they have for all their customers. When the company tries helping people understand the right way to use thrifted fashion, they take advantage of the looks they’ve made. They showcase all of it on Instagram so people can learn more about it whether they are a part of The RealReal or not. The company knows what people want and they aren’t afraid to keep showing others they’re doing things the right way.

While The RealReal was the first of its kind, it continues with its streak of relevance in the industry. Even though there are many other companies similar to it, none have been able to reach as many people as what The RealReal has done. The people who run the company know they’re doing things the right way and they’re making the most out of all the things they’re offering their customers. It’s important to The RealReal that they offer these options for all their customers. They use the various price points to bring things down to something that most people can afford.

Find out more about The RealReal: https://techcrunch.com/2017/05/05/the-realreal-is-opening-a-real-store-in-new-york-and-other-news-from-ceo-julie-wainwright/

Heal ‘N Soothe Reveals What Is Actually Producing Its Pain Reducing Effects

Arthritic joints, muscle aches and musculoskeletal pain can make everyday activities uncomfortable. Conventional treatments often cause side effects that make things even worse. With the number of choices for medication out there today, it’s difficult to choose the right medicine for you and your body.


Typically, prescription and over the counter drugs aren’t the solution. Relief aids with organic ingredients grant an individualized means of treating issues without the drawbacks of pharmaceuticals.


The systemic enzyme specifications in the Heal-N-Soothe oral product, for instance, integrates some of nature’s most effective pain-fighters as an easy way to lower inflammation.


They cut down on inflammatory elements like prostaglandins and leukotrienes. A lot of the ingredients put into the soothing supplement are understood to grant pain relief. The product blends homeopathic elements towards addressing the pain that most people undergo.


It’s a nice tool for those times when traditional medications don’t work. Here are some facts about the reasons it succeeds and why people are moving over to Heal-N-Soothe.


Heal N Soothe Overall


Heal N Soothe is a supplement for your diet that incorporates strong anti-inflammation and anti-oxidant ingredients meant to heal and sooth joint discomfort. It’s marketed by Living Well Nutraceuticals, advertised by Healthy Back Institute and produced by National Enzyme.


Heal N Soothe deters things like free radicals by increasing the levels of proteolytic enzymes in the body. The ingredients give your body a fast-acting natural treatment towards conditions like rheumatoid arthritis and similar pain related problems.


It actually gives the pain-killing effect by lowering inflammation and eliminating the factors that create inflammation. The supplement is packed in a pill that comes in a white bottle which will give you an entire month’s supply. This means the recommended dosage is one capsule for up to four times each day, thirty minutes prior to or sixty minutes after each meal. Heal-n-Soothe is one of the first and only supplements to combine the power of proteolytic enzymes with the food- and mineral-based building blocks to achieve maximum anti-inflammatory results and thus Changed The Supplement Industry.


More Information on the Effectiveness of Enzymes


The Heal-n-Soothe capsule joins systemic enzymes which produce a meaningful effect on the things that cause inflammation for a direct suppression of pain relief. Visit This Page for related information.


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All-Star Lawyer Jeff Herman Discusses Civil And Criminal Law

Courts of law were created so that victims of crimes and wrongdoings wouldn’t be forced to fend for themselves and take actions into their own hands. In most cases – at least in nations with competent courts of law, like the United States – innocent people aren’t prosecuted and justice is served to people responsible for committing crimes.


Some crimes aren’t apprehended as frequently as others. Unfortunately for every person and the greater societies we live in, a vast majority of cases of child sexual abuse aren’t reported to relevant agencies; in turn, this causes sexual abuse to become ongoing.


Most perpetrators accused of child sexual abuse aren’t pinned with criminal charges that send them off to prison for years upon years – if not decades upon decades; rather, they’re tried in the United States court of civil law.


Civil law differs from the field of criminal law in that perpetrators of wrongdoings and crimes are sometimes ordered to fork over assets to pay for damages caused by alleged perpetrators. Criminal law – given people being tried don’t walk away innocent – results in having to pay for their crimes by being given community services, put on probation, required to adhere to the rules of house arrest, and jail time.


Another difference between the two fields is that – in criminal law – the preponderance of evidence, or the burden of proof, must be proven beyond a reasonable doubt. In civil law, conversely, plaintiffs only must tip the scales of probability upwards of 50 percent in favor of whatever alleged crimes having actually happened.


Jeff Herman recently wrote an article for Medium that discussed the aforementioned differences between the practices of civil and criminal law as they related to Harvey Weinstein Trials. Jeff Herman is a trial lawyer who supports victims of rape and any other form sexual abuse.


He is the founder of Herman Law and is currently the Firm’s Managing Partner. Jeff Herman is dedicated to his work in helping victims find justice. In his firm, he has created an analytical unit that assists him to break down his cases to either facts or theory. He usually visualizes his work on whiteboards at his office to avoid destruction. For over a decade, Jeff Herman has made national headlines exposing sexual predators and the institutions that protect them.


Jeff Herman made clear that it’s a real shame that Harvey Weinstein isn’t in jail right now. This is because none of his accusers were able to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that they were, in fact, abused by Weinstein. Weinstein is being tried in civil courts of law – while receiving potentially-huge cash payouts is great, not seeing a serial sex offender go to jail is saddening. Refer to This Article for more information.


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Peter Briger Is One Of The Leading Financial Executives In The Nation

When it comes to the world of finance, Peter Briger is one of the biggest names in the business, acting as the president of one of the hottest investment companies in the country, Fortress Investment Group. While Peter is not the richest man on earth and he hasn’t before held the title, he has still been one of the most wealthy and recognized

Peter Briger has been building his experience for decades working at various different firms around the country, including here banking industry. His investment skills are top notch and he has a real knack for real estate work, which is why he acts as head of the real estate department for Fortress Investment. Peter Briger shares the responsibility of the company along with the other co-founders, including Wes Edens, which is another noteworthy many in the financial world who currently owns a sports team.

Peter Briger calls home to San Fransisco where he words at Fortress Investment Group. Here, there are many well-established and reputable business corporations that play major roles in the economy. Peter Briger has built connections and has mixed investment portfolios with many of this companies, helping push Fortress Investment Group towards being one of the top investment firms.

Goldman Sachs was the first company that Peter worked for, which was the biggest name in the investing world for consumers at the time. Peter managed to earn the position of partner at the company before he left the organization after a 15-year stint.

This is when Peter joined the Fortress Investment team in 2002 after a short time off. Appointed to the company’s board of directions, Peter has maintained the same position for more than fifteen years today, management a large portion of the company’s daily operations in regards to the real estate and credit divisions of the company. A Force of Innovation: Two Decades of Fortress Investment Group

The Musical Journey of Alex Pall

The Chainsmokers is a music duo that includes composed of Andrew Taggart and Alex Pall. The two have shared a deep passion and commitment to dance music since their early days working as DJs. In fact, they first met exactly because they both were involved in the same musical industry. Pall says for him it was technically a side job, but really more like a hobby before he made the decision to go all in with it. It worked out perfectly that right after he made this decision, his manager introduced him to Taggart. At the time Taggart was had just dropped out of college.

After dropping out he had moved down to New York City as a DJ where the fateful meeting took place. They joined forces and for the next four years worked hard to completely revolutionize the sound, making it more emotional and intimate. Their collaboration was so close and intensive at this time that the two worked pretty much 9 A.M. to 7 P.M. every day in Pall’s apartment. In the following years, they produced some now popular songs like “Waterbed, “Roses,” and “Don’t Let Me Down.” In 2016 the two released “Closer.”

Up to that time and in the two years since The Chainsmokers has continued to evolve. The Chainsmokers has especially become known as dance music artists that write songs about their own lives. Up to that time, dance music artists had traditionally written songs that did not look at themselves at all. And while they are continuing to evolve, they continue to grow in popularity. They are particularly excited by the fact that they are apparently becoming hugely popular overseas. All over the world, they are seeing rising popularity among the 16 to 25 age crowd. But this age range with growing, with their music becoming popular with a wider age demographic.


Roseann Bennett Relationship And Marriage Therapists with Over A Decade Of Experience


If you are looking for a relationship and family therapists in New Jersey, consulting with Roseann Bennett would help in resolving your problems. She is one of the most popular therapists in the region and has over a decade of experience as a family and relationship therapists. Roseann Bennett has also co-founded Center for Assessment and Treatment, which is a charity organization that focuses on providing mental health care to underprivileged and marginalized communities. Many people are in need of mental health treatment but are not able to get so due to the treatment fees and expenses.


Roseann Bennett tries to reach out to as many people as possible through the Center for Assessment and Treatment, and over the years has helped hundreds and thousands of people to get rid of their mental health disorders and illness. As the cases of anxiety and depression continue to rise across the globe, it is crucial that people do not ignore the harmful effect it can have on your life. Roseann Bennett has completed her MA and EDs from Seton Hall University and also holds a post-graduate degree in cognitive behavior therapy from the REACH Institute. Roseann Bennett has also helped save many marriages through her holistic approach to marital counseling. In the last few years, the cases of divorces and separation have skyrocketed. Read This Article to learn more.


Roseann Bennett tries to help the individuals understand the importance of their marriage and provides them with the solution to the problems they are facing in their marriage. By assisting the partners in marriage see the problem precisely and from different perspectives, Roseann Bennett tries to help bring trust and transparency back into the relationship, which is crucial for a long-lasting relationship. Roseann Bennett continues to help people change their lives for good by providing them with counseling that in most of the cases has proved to be life-changing for the patients.


View Source: https://www.assessmentandtreatment.org/our-team/


Penelope Kokkinides Helps InnovaCare Healthcare to Excel in Providing Managed Healthcare Services.

It is factual that healthcare provider networks are more focused on developing a more consolidated and affordable managed healthcare system that shall be applied to contain the costs of healthcare within the industry. Over the years, this has been the primary objective for many governments and other healthcare providers as they focus on making sure that all patients, regardless of their income levels, are well attended to. Speaking of proper networks that provide managed healthcare services, InnovaCare Health is one of the best. Located in Puerto Rico, the company originated from of the idea of saving people’s lives. In it, is a proper leadership structure that has culminated the management by overriding the health needs of its clients. Most importantly, this company has vastly excelled especially when it comes to caring for the less fortunate in the community.


Describing InnovaCare Health


InnovaCare Health continues to be a leading services provider of top-notch managed healthcare services across North America. With the input of two significant avenues of healthcare provision, Provider Networks alongside Medicare Advantage, the company commits to quality care through creating various models of service provision that are not only sustainable but also fully integrated. With that said, the company focuses on providing healthcare services since 2001. Other than that, it has proper leadership structures encompassing major leadership programs and experienced personalities including one prominent leader called Penelope Kikkinides.


Describing Penelope Kokkinides


Penelope Kokkinides is an experienced healthcare provider for managed healthcare services. Also described as one of the prominent individuals in this fraternity, she has shaped her career around the public healthcare sector. Currently, she serves as the chief administrative officer of InnovaCare Health. However, this is not the first company she is serving as over the years, she garnered some experience while serving in other firms including the head of Centerlight HealthCare and Touchstone Health. In these companies, she was in charge of overseeing the general operations alongside the development of significant healthcare models used in creating proper treatment plans for patients.


The Outline


Besides, Penelope Kokkinides has a wealth background of knowledge in healthcare, languages and biological science. For starters, she attended the Binghamton University and then joined New York University for a master’s degree in social work. With the impressive academic credentials, she has been in a position to leverage excellent healthcare services. That is why recently, she joined some of the eight women who were elected to participate in a healthcare workshop together with President Donald Trump. In the meeting, Penelope Kokkkinides stole the show by addressing significant healthcare reforms that would, in turn, help her patients acquire somewhat affordable healthcare from InnovaCare Health. Furthermore, she highlighted her interests in participating in the development of those healthcare plans.


The Success Of Shafik Sachedina

Dr.Shafik Sachedina is one of the few individuals who has successfully combined medicine and entrepreneurship. In his passion for medicine, Dr. Shafik Sachedina has not only experienced significant growth in his career but also led to improving the lives of the needy people across the globe.

Currently, he is the head of the department in Jamati institution in France. His primary objective as the head of the department is to facilitate the events for the Ismaili community as well as developing strategies for programs for the Aga Khan Development Network. The Institute of Ismaili Studies is found in London, and it aims at promoting the understanding of the Islam to the persons of other faiths as well as promoting the Muslim culture across the globe. Besides, the institute plays a significant role in creating a platform for the Islamic community to come together and share issues that they feel have been neglected such as Shiism and esoteric Islam.

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The success of Dr. Shafik Sachedina is attributed to the quality education and the experience of working in various organizations. He graduated as a dental surgeon in the year 1975 from Guys Hospital and later went to work with multiple institutions. Rather than being a dental surgeon, he has participated in entrepreneurship activities that have enabled him to impact the global community positively. Also, Dr. Shafik Sachedina holds other portfolios within the Ismaili community such as being the Chairman of FOCUS Humanitarian Assistance International, Committee in Aga Khan Development Network, Member of Ismaili Leaders International Forum and the president of Ismaili Council for the United Kingdom.

The Institute of Ismaili Studies offers many programs that they provide such as Graduate Programme in Humanities and Ismaili Studies for three years. Extending the above degrees to the student aims at helping them get an opportunity to get to careers that are fulfilling. In addition, the students have the opportunity to undertake a Master degree that is in relation to the program. The other program that the institute offers is Secondary Teacher Education Programme, and the main purpose is to equip aspiring teachers with knowledge for teaching secondary school curriculum to Ismaili learners worldwide. Recently, Shafik Sachedina had an opportunity to work with Deputy Foreign Minister and the presidential representative for Africa and Middle East Mikhail Bogdanov to address critical current issues occurring in the Middle East, notably, the Afghanistan and Syria. In the conference, terrorism was one of the topics that were discussed in details and how negotiation between Syrian government and opposition would help solve the challenges.

For more information about Shafik Sachedina, just click here.

PSI Pay Goes Digital With Jewelry

PSI Pay, a United Kingdom financial technology company, has introduced digital pay utilizing jewelry. The fintech company who specializes in digital payment solutions has partnered with Kerv Wearables to develop a contactless payment ring. This will be the first of its kind to emerge into the financial industry. PSI Pay’s next level technology allows customers to utilize banking transactions via a wearable smart ring device.


Kerv Wearables is a technology company that has developed the smart ring platform which does not require passwords, sign-in, batteries, nor smartphone pairing. The sleek device replaces debit and credit card payment method. PSI Pay has been a member of MasterCard as of 2009. PSI Pay’s MasterCard license agreement allows Kerv customers to be able to access 38 million MasterCard locations around the world. Customers can perform normal banking functions such as fund their accounts as well as make purchases and payments. Account funding will be accomplished through PayPal, bank transfer, or through a debit or credit card. The system will prompt for an auto top-up function or offer manual loading for deposits. Contactless payments can be initiated online or via associated apps by using a virtual card that accompanies the platform. More sophisticated banking functions will not be possible through the device. This is due to stringent banking regulations and device security.


PSI Pay’s managing director, Phil Davies is elated to partner with Kerv Wearables. Both enterprise’s look forward to forging a clear path towards enhanced banking technology through smart wearables. The sleek unique devices are similar to that of a traditional ring. Kerv Wearables incorporate hi-tech capabilities that eliminate the necessity of smartphones or other digital or physical payment methods. These devices are free of digital context and displays. The smart ring is independently activated by movement and gestures.


PSI Pay and Kerv Wearables have worked diligently to bring the product to market in the US. Both companies have overcome challenges and obstacles along the way. The new digital jewelry wearable has been a recipient of multiple awards and honors, including the very recent win of the Temenos Innovation Jam while amongst peers worldwide.