SOLVED: I was hacked.

The Importance of Cyber Security

Hackers are getting smarter and smarter, creating victims at an exponential level. Damaging not just the individual, but government and large companies (



Cost of Cyber Attacks

The cost associated with cyber attacks has grown up to $500 billion in 2015, with projections of such hacks reaching a whopping $6 trillion a year by 2021. Both the amount of attacks and the degree of the attacks are increasing, effecting your personal data, intellectual property, money and so much more.



Solutions: Rubica

When I was first hacked, I thought I had security in place. Well, I did, but it wasn’t good enough. Using Rubica for my personal security prevents these hacks and protects others from security hacks as well.




Who is Rubica?

Rubica is a company that provides digital privacy and security. They are focused on protecting your “digital rights” as a client in order to fight back against cyber-crime.


Rubica claims they are the only ones that can protect the largest companies, but are designed in order to protect you and your family. Interesting!


There’s more information at Rubica’s website but if you want my opinion, I wouldn’t have chosen anyone else!