Mike Baur’s Personal Mission to Promote Startup Enterprises in More Than One Aspect

Mike Baur is the co-founder and chief executive officer of Swiss Startup Factory and has a vigorous passion in supporting the entrepreneurial activities of youths, both morally and financially. Mike Baur developed an acute interest in banking and finance in his teenhood. After his college education, he applied for a job at UBS as a commercial apprentice and maximized his efforts to rise to the position of an executive board member in one of the leading Swiss private banks. The Switzerland native grew up in his birth home, Fribourgh, and enrolled into Harvard University after high school. He pursued a Bachelors in Computer Science and later enrolled at the University of Rochester to earn an MBA. Afterward, he attended the University of Bern and graduated with perfect scores in MBA.


Mike started the Swiss Startup Factory in 2014 in collaboration with his current co-owners, Mike Meister and Oliver Walzer. Swiss Startup Factory invests in helping small startup technological businesses establish their name among their predecessors and increase profitability. The firm provides finances, mentorship, networking opportunities, training and physical office locations to these customers. Through the support and partnership of Fintech Fusion, Swiss Startup sets up accelerator programs that provide world-class mentors, trainers and motivational speakers. Michael Hartweg offered his contributions to the program and grew it by a significant percentage in a short period. Currently, Swiss Startup is considered the fastest growing private business in Switzerland. Mike Baur revealed that the relationship between Fintech Fusion and Swiss Startup merges the gap Swiss’ regional branches in Switzerland and France. Swiss Startup is a European firm that has offices in more than one nation and ensures that language barrier is not a hindering factor towards growth.


Apart from owning Swiss Startup Factory, Mike is the owner and leader of ScanSource Incorporation and Reloaded Org. He set up ScanSource in December 1992 along with five other entrepreneurs. In 1994, the firm became a Fortune 1000 enterprise after earning an IPO worth more than $3 million in sales. Under Mike’s leadership as president and council on the board of directors, ScanSource has grown to have regional branches in South America, Europe, and North America. It has 43 offices and an employee count of about 2200 in a count. In 2015, Baur started Swiss Start-Up Association and took the position of an assistant director at Swiss Startup Invest in 2016. Mike often speaks at educational institutions and believes that sharing knowledge is an acceleration to success.



How To Pull Off A Fabulous Party Like A Pro

Whether you’re throwing a small birthday party or a big bash with all of your friends and family, entertaining can get pretty stressful. From sticking to a budget to making sure that all of your guests are satisfied at all times, there’s lots of room for moments of tremendous stress.


Today, many people in the New York City area turn to Twenty Three Layers when they’re getting ready to host a party. One of the most popular event planning companies in NYC, this team of industry professionals is known for doing it all. Whether you need help keeping track of your budget or you require upscale catering, Twenty Three Layers is a team of event planners in NYC that turns any party into a success.


Of course, you might not want to pay for one of the many party and corporate event planners in NYC. Luckily, there is no need to panic. We uncovered some great tips from real party planners who have been through it all. These expert tips will make sure that your party is unforgettable and that you will be able to maintain your sanity.



  1. Organize Everything


Even if you’re not the type of person who makes lists, when it comes to throwing a party, organization is key. Use spreadsheets to stay on top of everything from your total budget to your decorating to-do list.



  1. Serve Simple Food


One of the most common mistakes when throwing a party is getting too ambitious with the food. The last thing that you want is to be stuck in the kitchen long after the guests arrive. Develop a menu of finger foods that can be prepared the day before so that you can spend the day of your party taking care of small details.



  1. Make a Self-Serve Bar


Instead of making guests sift through your refrigerator each time they want a new drink, create a self-serve bar area in an accessible section of your home.





These three simple tips will save you tremendous stress and allow your party to run smoothly, ensuring that all of your guests have a good time.


An Insight About Career & Life of Duda Melzer

Duda Melzer is a famous Brazilian entrepreneur who serves as the chairman and president of the RBS Group. Melzer is a member of Sirotsky family, and his grandfather Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer founded RBS Group. The company’s operations are based in the states of Santa Catarina and Rio Grande do Sul. Duda Melzer is also the founder of e.Bricks Digital, a company which operates in Brazil and the U.S., and specializing in the development of businesses in the digital world. E.Bricks Digital is under the RBS Group of companies.

The entrepreneur’s real name is Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer, and has developed a very successful career since he graduated from the Pontifical Catholic University with a Business Administration degree. Today, as Acaert reports, at 44 Eduardo has an MBA and two additional executive courses from Harvard Business School. He serves as a director of the Mercosul Biennial, a global contemporary art exhibition which is scheduled to be held in Porto Alegre.

Duda Melzer joined Sirotsky in 2004 where he initially served as Director General for the National Market, one of the RBS Group’s companies. According to clicrbs.com, his career began in 2002 at Delphi Corporation where he was working as Senior Financial Analyst. Additionally, he worked at BoxTop Media and at Family Communication Network in the U.S. In 2012, Melzer was named the chairman of the RBS Group, and three years later he became the chairman of the board of directors for the company.

In 2016, Eduardo Melzer achieved another milestone in his career when he was chosen to generate a list for top leaders in the Cambridge Institute for Family Enterprises. Every year, the institute selects 25 members of emerging entrepreneurial families across the world. Melzer says that he has been inspired by John Davis, a Harvard professor and specialist in family businesses. He also cites Ram Charan and Jim Collins as two other influential people in the field of entrepreneur.

Reference: http://zh.clicrbs.com.br/rs/noticias/noticia/2015/12/grupo-rbs-anuncia-mudancas-na-estrutura-organizacional-4930411.html

Flavio Maluf’s Achievements as the President of Eucatex

According to the Brazilian Business Journal, Eucatex Group is one of the most proficient companies due to their numerous exports to other parts of the world. While they continued to produce their products and selling them at home, Eucatex Group had been adopted on a massive scale due to their high-end products on eleicoesepolitica.com. They are also considered by many as the only company which has an eye to the future generations due to their prominence in conserving the environment. During the time when Eucatex Group was incepted in 1951, there were no laws and regulations lay by the country to help them protect the environment. For this reason, Flavio Maluf worked extra hard to have the same reciprocated to the entire community of Brazil. For this reason, Eucatex Group became the first company to conserve the environment paving the way for other business conglomerates to carry out the same duty.

Its establishment was in 1951 when it became part of the operating companies in the country. For this reason, Flavio Maluf engaged in the production of furniture as their main business. Because they were keen to use modern technology and fashion to develop their products, Eucatex Group became one of the most adopted companies in the Brazilian businesses. When it was also established, Flavio Maluf sought to expand their businesses with the introduction of more products to the environments to get more clients and customers. For this reason, they started by producing and marketing insulation and liner products to the outside world. For all the products made by the company, the main ingredient is the eucalyptus tree and wood fibres. In the current situation, Eucatex Group and Flavio Maluf has worked to the serve as the largest manufacturers of wood fibre products in the country. As a matter of fact, Eucatex Group is one of the largest producers of the products in two business lines.

The Construction Industry – in this business part, Eucatex Group is the largest producer of laminate floors, doors, paints, and modular partitions.

The furniture industry – Eucatex Group is the largest producers of wood fibre plates products in Brazil. It also produces Tamburato and MDP products. Their products are created using high-level innovation and technology at http://www.segs.com.br/seguros/34138-saiba-com-flavio-maluf-como-diminuir-os-custos-tributarios-de-uma-empresa.html.

Fabletics – Going Places

Fabletics is a company that Kate Hudson opened several years ago. It is a company that sells her clothing designs, which were created for workout clothing for women, and also other causal clothing for them to wear on outings. Her ideas are new and fresh, and the items are made very well. She made them easy to clean too, which is what women were looking for. Her business is doing very well, because she knows her customer base, and what they are looking for.


She uses a technique called reverse showroom techniques. This gives her a lot of leeway, because she doesn’t have the typical high costs involved with physical stores. She uses very little space, and that reduces the overhead involved, and she uses online marketing to sustain her business. This is what other large companies, like Amazon.com are doing, and she is able to hold her own amidst this type of competition.


With her free newsletter, the customers can stay informed on what is happening in the company. They can also join her free club. When they do, the online marketing system that she uses keeps track of their likes and dislikes, and she is able to send them clothing every month that she thinks that they will be interested in. They have the choice of whether or not to purchase them or send them back. Since the choice is great for women, and easy for them to do because of the convenience, her company has been a huge success. She loves making her customers happy, and they, in turn, love to see what she is coming out with next.


For women that love to be comfortable, and still look great, they are finding that Kate Hudson is the woman that can create this type of clothing for them. They love the colors hat she uses, and the way that the clothing items fit them. She is happy that she can provide items that they will wear.


In the current year, she will be opening more physical stores, all with the same reverse showroom concept. These are being placed in areas where she knows the women will purchase her clothing. She is a great business woman, and others are looking to her as an example. The future looks great for Kate Hudson, as she will continue to see the success of her company, Fabletics, and therefore, she will continue to profit from it.



Omar Boraie’s Devotion in Eradicating Poverty in His City

There are many visionary entrepreneurs in the world today however, what sets them all a part is the goal they want to accomplish. Some entrepreneurs are all about reaching global standards while others want to benefit themselves and their employees. However, they are a few others who are interested in impacting the communities they live in and thus use their careers to forge paths for their communities. Omar Boraie of Boraie Development LLC, https://www.bloomberg.com/profiles/companies/0601263D:US-boraie-development-llc. Is one of the few businessmen who have committed their career and businesses into helping the economic growth of their people and the communities they come from.

Forty years ago, as Omar Boraie reveals was a small rugged town. By four in the evening, the town was deserted and little businesses were conducted. There was low employment in the area which pushed people to crime and others leaving the city in search of greener pastures. However Omar had a vision to change the dynamics of the town in order to attract business people to come and invest in the city.

Omar launched the real estate company that is now one of the most distinguished companies in the city. Omar, as the president, has worked day and night to develop projects in both commercial and residential sectors to provide exquisite office spaces for their clients. Some of the high end real estate projects the company has accomplished include the Albany Street Plaza, The Aspire, Estates at Waverly Place, and One Spring Street. The company is also working in The Beach at South Inlet, a recreational hotel that will host hundreds of guests and visitors.

Boraie Development team is working strategically to attract celebrities in the town to bring a buzz towards New Brunswick, a strategy that will attract more entrepreneurs into the area. More recently the company signed a deal with the former NBA star Shaquille O’Neil, to develop a high end commercial resident. The company has affirmed their commitment to the project and is working to make sure that the returns are excellent.

Besides being a great and futuristic leader, Omar Boraie is devoted to his community. He is involved in various organizations that give back to the community and help in getting rid of poverty in the area. He works closely with Elijah’s Promise, an organization that according to Patch.com is focused on helping the needy people by providing them with basic needs. He has also contributed in summer events that secure job opportunities for youths in the city. He also donated for the Rutgers Cancer Institute.

Talk Fusion Shoot For High Quality In Its services

Talk Fusion has been made with the purpose of helping people in many different ways. One of the ways that it intends to do this is by offering helpful products and services that are made for the purpose of helping marketers get their business off the ground. One of the products and services they offer is software and a subscription to the service.  Entrepreneurs will be glad that they pursued their goals. Talk Fusions, video marketing initiative does all of the work for the user.

Talk Fusion is so passionate about providing customers with the highest possible quality that they have made sure that they hired the most skilled IT workers so that the products that they make are free of any errors. At the same time, these products are also easy to use. This makes it good for the customers that have business goals they are pursuing. Their businesses will grow in revenue as they take advantage of the ability to market their business and connect with customers. Talk Fusion is definitely of great convenience when it comes to solving any issues of the customer.

This really helps entrepreneurs make their business official. For one thing, it also makes it easier for marketers to use their imagination. After all, while the sky is the limit for imagination, the ability to bring ideas to reality are dependent on the tools that are available to the individual.

Talk Fusion also has experts that are willing to help with the customization process when it comes to marketing. They could come up with the graphics and the format for the advertising campaign that the entrepreneur could use.

Squaw Valley Releases A Statement Regarding Water Quality

Squaw Valley recently released a statement regarding a water quality issue that they reported to the Environmental Health Agency. Due to recent weather conditions and extensive periods of rain the area had a well that tested positive for E. coli and coliform during routine tests. An area the was recently improved and rebuilt was the particular area that was affected by the contamination.The water supply for the upper mountain was closed as well as all of the restaurants in the area. The lodges remained open at Gold Coast and High Camp, and bottled water was supplied to the guests at the ski lodge.


The resort takes the safety of their guests seriously and has been working on solutions to get the water back to its previous condition before the contamination. If fact all of the most recent tests have confirmed that the concentration of E. coli is almost within the normal range and there is no coliform present in the upper mountain’s well. This is good news because it means that fairly soon the well will be opened again along with the restaurants in the area.


The Squaw Valley resort hopes that the issues have not been too much of an inconvenience to the guests but they take guest safety seriously and are doing everything within their power to correct the situation so that they can get the area operating at a normal capacity in the very near future. In the meantime, they are doing everything within their power to accommodate their guests.

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Fabletics Look Great and Comfortable While Exercising

Fabletics, an activewear brand of clothing, co-founded by actress Kate Hudson. The clothing designs show the love of fashion mixed with a blend of activewear. The clothing also embraces comfort, and offers good prices. Fabletics has had a lot of notice as activewear fashion. The clothing is great for moms, and fashionable women who enjoy comfortable and attractive activewear. There are also well designed men’s clothing choices.


Fabletics clothing is nice enough to wear to lounge around in as well as to exercise in. The Fabletics designed clothing is very flattering to wear. It makes the body’s curves appear nice and fit with stretchable fabric that holds all curves in place. This is also what makes a work-out more comfortable and enjoyable.


Women love to feel good about their appearance, even while working out, as they are trying to achieve a good fitness level that they desire. It is also nice that while exercising and burning off those extra calories, they still look great, in high quality activewear. Outfits are easy to create with great choices of sports tops, leggings, and crop pants.


Men also have some great styles to choose from such as, pants, tops, and shorts. With quality athletic workout wear, it is easy for men to have a nice outfit ready to wear when going to go hit the gym, or head out for a jog. The clothing also looks great enough to go out for a nice stroll, or grab a cup of coffee while out on the weekend.


Fabletics offers members a continuing exercise outfit every month. If you choose to skip the month, you won’t be charged for a new outfit. You can also cancel anytime.


Some online reviews of Fabletics:


Krazy Coupon Lady blogger who loves a good deal, brags about getting the first entire outfit for $25! She states that it’s worth it, even for workout outfits per month at about $50 each.

A Foodie Stays Fit blogger recommends Fabletics, she mentions there is a wait for monthly outfits, but the price is good, and recommends tanks that fit very well.

Trust Pilot has many reviews online about Fabletics and gives them a 7.9 out of 10 stars.


Fabletics has a membership only site to make shopping easier for recommended, good quality athletic clothing.

Edtech App: ClassDojo

ClassDojo has raised $21 million for tech that links up students’ parents and educators. The platform is to enable them communicate frequently about students’ social activities and behavioral development at school. Consistent communication throughout the school day, and even throughout the school year means that parents are able to keep track of their kids’ experience and behavior at school. This is an upside as opposed to incidents that may only be discussed in a once-per-semester meeting.

According to co-founders Liam Don and Sam Chaudhary, the firm closed the round in 2015, and are using the raised capital to develop their team. They are also working hard to find the nature of content as well as features that can be useful to the app users.

Chaudhary said, “The app is to assist parents guide conversations and enhance learning and development their children are doing at school”.

Teachers use ClassDojo to come up with a schedule of activities parents familiarize with. The teachers can also use ClassDojo to snap and send pics or video clips to parents showing off students’ participation in school activities.

Within the first year of inception, the co-founders say they witnessed other education businesses create digital curriculum, testing platforms, and grade books. However, they didn’t find a free, and easy-to-use application that would create a community and culture between parents, teachers, and students. However, ClassDojo faces competition from edtech firms like FreshGrade, Kickboard, Remind, Nearpod and others that are working to keep parents and schools connected.

Today the company reports that ClassDojo is being used by more than 85,000 schools in the US, ranging from largest public schools to private and charter schools. However, most users are kindergarten through 8th grade teachers.

About ClassDojo

ClassDojo started as a management tool where a teacher is allowed to award points to students who demonstrate a new skill. The tool has now grown into a communication platform where educators can share photos, videos, and messages with parents of their students’ progress in classroom. The application is now being used by more than half of schools in the United States, and in more than 180 other countries.

ClassDojo has the ability to reach many teachers with the growth mindset message. The collaborators aim at evaluating students and teachers who use the videos before and after getting an idea of how the messaging work.