Brown Modeling Agency. Far from just the runway.

Great opportunities abound with The Brown Modeling Agency for models and super-talents. Described as a full service agency, and with Justin Brown taking the lead, Wilhelmina Austin, combined Heyman Talent-South and launched the modeling agency causing a firestorm of growth in the field of entertainment and up and coming super models. A beautiful, creative mind put forth this pure genius merge, as talent and beauty give way to very exciting opportunities for those seeking discovery in both industries.

The Brown Agency is cutting edge and definitely several steps above the typical agencies. The leaders at the helm have a expertise in the field, and use it to mold the agency into the unique breath of the extraordinary it is today. Studying business in college, and moving onto train models to be professionals in their field, Brown more than qualified to lead this venture, and expose some of the biggest talents the world has ever seen.

In an article on Market Wired, expectations need to be managed, and this agency manages with professional, made for the runway skills unlike any other, this is partially due to a collaboration of different modeling agencies. This kind of collaboration brings forth many different amounts of experience, from small town modeling ventures to larger venues. The strict guidelines set them apart, hold their models to a much higher level of standards, and those guidelines have not gone unnoticed. The company has grown into phenomenal proportions as big business brands look to them to represent their product, as the Brown Agency looks for diverse style, not your stereotypical ultra-thin body shape.

With body image and the thought that a model can and should be viewed in a certain way, this agency has brilliantly stepped out of the runway stigma gaining much respect in the industry. The integrity of this agency and its ability to educate to perfection creates models and talent that are not only designed for the runway. Print, commercials, film, television, videos and taking the agency to a big level market has exceeded the goal, creating a whole new outlook on the industry. The brand simply, elegantly, professionally, explodes with unequivocal growth and opportunity.

Located in Central Texas, the models have graced Austin Fashion Week, Dallas Fashion Week, New York Fashion Week, Miami Swim Week, along with Louis Vuitton, Dell, Toyota, L’oreal just to name a very few of the thousands of larger scale brands. Priding themselves in the development of the company and giving larger scale opportunity to their models, The Brown Modeling Agency literally has the most beautiful, dependable, professional talent the country has to offer.

The Brown Modeling Agency, impeccable standards, exquisite training, and the flawless ability to create the top models in our country today.

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