Mike Baur’s Personal Mission to Promote Startup Enterprises in More Than One Aspect

Mike Baur is the co-founder and chief executive officer of Swiss Startup Factory and has a vigorous passion in supporting the entrepreneurial activities of youths, both morally and financially. Mike Baur developed an acute interest in banking and finance in his teenhood. After his college education, he applied for a job at UBS as a commercial apprentice and maximized his efforts to rise to the position of an executive board member in one of the leading Swiss private banks. The Switzerland native grew up in his birth home, Fribourgh, and enrolled into Harvard University after high school. He pursued a Bachelors in Computer Science and later enrolled at the University of Rochester to earn an MBA. Afterward, he attended the University of Bern and graduated with perfect scores in MBA.


Mike started the Swiss Startup Factory in 2014 in collaboration with his current co-owners, Mike Meister and Oliver Walzer. Swiss Startup Factory invests in helping small startup technological businesses establish their name among their predecessors and increase profitability. The firm provides finances, mentorship, networking opportunities, training and physical office locations to these customers. Through the support and partnership of Fintech Fusion, Swiss Startup sets up accelerator programs that provide world-class mentors, trainers and motivational speakers. Michael Hartweg offered his contributions to the program and grew it by a significant percentage in a short period. Currently, Swiss Startup is considered the fastest growing private business in Switzerland. Mike Baur revealed that the relationship between Fintech Fusion and Swiss Startup merges the gap Swiss’ regional branches in Switzerland and France. Swiss Startup is a European firm that has offices in more than one nation and ensures that language barrier is not a hindering factor towards growth.


Apart from owning Swiss Startup Factory, Mike is the owner and leader of ScanSource Incorporation and Reloaded Org. He set up ScanSource in December 1992 along with five other entrepreneurs. In 1994, the firm became a Fortune 1000 enterprise after earning an IPO worth more than $3 million in sales. Under Mike’s leadership as president and council on the board of directors, ScanSource has grown to have regional branches in South America, Europe, and North America. It has 43 offices and an employee count of about 2200 in a count. In 2015, Baur started Swiss Start-Up Association and took the position of an assistant director at Swiss Startup Invest in 2016. Mike often speaks at educational institutions and believes that sharing knowledge is an acceleration to success.