Squaw Valley Releases A Statement Regarding Water Quality

Squaw Valley recently released a statement regarding a water quality issue that they reported to the Environmental Health Agency. Due to recent weather conditions and extensive periods of rain the area had a well that tested positive for E. coli and coliform during routine tests. An area the was recently improved and rebuilt was the particular area that was affected by the contamination.The water supply for the upper mountain was closed as well as all of the restaurants in the area. The lodges remained open at Gold Coast and High Camp, and bottled water was supplied to the guests at the ski lodge.


The resort takes the safety of their guests seriously and has been working on solutions to get the water back to its previous condition before the contamination. If fact all of the most recent tests have confirmed that the concentration of E. coli is almost within the normal range and there is no coliform present in the upper mountain’s well. This is good news because it means that fairly soon the well will be opened again along with the restaurants in the area.


The Squaw Valley resort hopes that the issues have not been too much of an inconvenience to the guests but they take guest safety seriously and are doing everything within their power to correct the situation so that they can get the area operating at a normal capacity in the very near future. In the meantime, they are doing everything within their power to accommodate their guests.

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