Fabletics – Going Places

Fabletics is a company that Kate Hudson opened several years ago. It is a company that sells her clothing designs, which were created for workout clothing for women, and also other causal clothing for them to wear on outings. Her ideas are new and fresh, and the items are made very well. She made them easy to clean too, which is what women were looking for. Her business is doing very well, because she knows her customer base, and what they are looking for.


She uses a technique called reverse showroom techniques. This gives her a lot of leeway, because she doesn’t have the typical high costs involved with physical stores. She uses very little space, and that reduces the overhead involved, and she uses online marketing to sustain her business. This is what other large companies, like Amazon.com are doing, and she is able to hold her own amidst this type of competition.


With her free newsletter, the customers can stay informed on what is happening in the company. They can also join her free club. When they do, the online marketing system that she uses keeps track of their likes and dislikes, and she is able to send them clothing every month that she thinks that they will be interested in. They have the choice of whether or not to purchase them or send them back. Since the choice is great for women, and easy for them to do because of the convenience, her company has been a huge success. She loves making her customers happy, and they, in turn, love to see what she is coming out with next.


For women that love to be comfortable, and still look great, they are finding that Kate Hudson is the woman that can create this type of clothing for them. They love the colors hat she uses, and the way that the clothing items fit them. She is happy that she can provide items that they will wear.


In the current year, she will be opening more physical stores, all with the same reverse showroom concept. These are being placed in areas where she knows the women will purchase her clothing. She is a great business woman, and others are looking to her as an example. The future looks great for Kate Hudson, as she will continue to see the success of her company, Fabletics, and therefore, she will continue to profit from it.



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