George Soros’s Career and Charitable Work

George Soros is a Hungary born business man, who moved to London. It was there that he began to establish himself and grow a career that would make him an incredibly wealthy man. After years of hard work and making smart business choices, George Soros created a career that so few could ever dream of having.

After moving to London, George Soros decided that he would work his way through school. He entered the London School of Economics while also working on a railway and as a waiter. Although it was hard he managed to successfully do it and later went on to get a job as at a merchant bank.

1969 was a year that would become very vital in George Soros’s career. It was in this year that he created his own hedge fund. This would later turn into the Quantum Fund. Years of smart choices and investments would prove to make him a very successful and wealthy man.He continues to invest through Soros Fund Management. His home office currently sits at $30 billion dollars and to this day he continues to be a very important part of the finance world. Visit Project Syndicate to learn more about George.

Although George Soros is known as a wealthy businessman there is much more to him that that. He is also a huge supporter of political movements in which he heavily donates to many organization that are aimed at creating change through politics. George Soros has donated to many organization that support the Democratic Party, as well as issues important to the Democratic Party. Besides his donations to support Hilary Clinton and other Democratic efforts he also has invested in other important issues. He has donated money to a nonprofit organization, Voting Rights Trust, that fights against conservative efforts to restrict voting. He has also donated over $1 million dollars to Planned Parenthood Votes, an organization supporting women’s reproductive rights and the candidates that support them.

George Soros has given to more organizations than just those supporting politics. He is also heavily invested in philanthropic efforts, and donates heavily to many organizations. Throughout the years more than $13 billion dollars have been donated through his international funds to support different things such as human rights, health care, and education across Eastern Europe and the United States. George Soros aim to change the educational and health care system, especially the system in the United States which he believes can be made much better. Through his donations and efforts he hopes some change can be made.

George Soros is a very wealthy business man. He uses his success to generate funds to help not just the United States but the whole world. Through his philanthropic work he has donated billions of dollars and continues to work and donate to this very day. Read more about George’s life story at