Omar Boraie’s Devotion in Eradicating Poverty in His City

There are many visionary entrepreneurs in the world today however, what sets them all a part is the goal they want to accomplish. Some entrepreneurs are all about reaching global standards while others want to benefit themselves and their employees. However, they are a few others who are interested in impacting the communities they live in and thus use their careers to forge paths for their communities. Omar Boraie of Boraie Development LLC, Is one of the few businessmen who have committed their career and businesses into helping the economic growth of their people and the communities they come from.

Forty years ago, as Omar Boraie reveals was a small rugged town. By four in the evening, the town was deserted and little businesses were conducted. There was low employment in the area which pushed people to crime and others leaving the city in search of greener pastures. However Omar had a vision to change the dynamics of the town in order to attract business people to come and invest in the city.

Omar launched the real estate company that is now one of the most distinguished companies in the city. Omar, as the president, has worked day and night to develop projects in both commercial and residential sectors to provide exquisite office spaces for their clients. Some of the high end real estate projects the company has accomplished include the Albany Street Plaza, The Aspire, Estates at Waverly Place, and One Spring Street.

Boraie Development team is working strategically to attract celebrities in the town to bring a buzz towards New Brunswick, a strategy that will attract more entrepreneurs into the area. More recently the company signed a deal with the former NBA star Shaquille O’Neil, to develop a high end commercial resident. The company has affirmed their commitment to the project and is working to make sure that the returns are excellent.

He is involved in various organizations that give back to the community and help in getting rid of poverty in the area. He works closely with Elijah’s Promise, an organization that according to is focused on helping the needy people by providing them with basic needs. He has also contributed in summer events that secure job opportunities for youths in the city. He also donated for the Rutgers Cancer Institute.

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    The company is also working in The Beach at South Inlet, a recreational hotel that will host hundreds of guests and visitors. Besides being a great and futuristic leader, Omar Boraie is devoted to his community. There are some ways that top professional resume writers can be able analyze everything from the start to the finish and it makes it look even so real.

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